about me

Hello! I’m Emily, the artist/photographer and owner of Emily Weaver Brown Photography. I have been photographing babies for almost 14 years and I have a depth of experience working with infants. I love creating heirloom images for families that they will cherish for generations to come.

I became interested in photography at a very young age, I got my first camera at age 7. I then went on to learn traditional photography and printmaking with a canon AE1 while in high school. I began photographing the children I babysat and to which I taught swimming lessons at age 15. I babysat frequently from age eleven through high school and thus gained a lot of experience and patience working with babies and toddlers.

I have been photographing newborns and families professionally since 2006. I am considered by many of my clients to be a “baby whisperer” which is how I am able to capture all the beautiful sleeping portraits of babies. I pursue the simplistic and clean image. My objective is to capture a baby’s true personality – the visualization of a budding little person.  As a professional artist I have a very strong vision for my artwork and I really enjoy it when my clients and I are on the same wavelength. I welcome your collaboration and input about what you are envisioning for your session and I look forward to working with you and your family.

self portrait of photographer and artist Emily Weaver Brown