Frequently Asked Questions

The studio address is 5122 Woodlawn ave N Seattle WA 98103. We are located on the corner or Woodlawn and 52nd in a 1920s brick building. We have designated client parking right in front of our entrance – no need to park on the street. Sessions are by appointment only.

Yes! digital files in packages of 10, 20, and ALL. Please view the full rates above. Many clients also add on an album, image box, or birth announcements.

Yes! Including the flu shot. Emily loves to travel internationally and in the developing world and is current on even some of the more obscure vaccine preventable diseases. Emily does her best to maintain a clean and healthy environment; handwashing multiple times per session, disinfecting her camera, and washing every blanket/prop a baby uses between sessions with extra hot water. If you or your baby/child has special health concerns please make sure and mention it before your session.

Yes! you can use them to make your own prints, birth announcements, albums, etc. You can even have custom quilts, pillows, and T-shirts made if you want, any personal use is fine. (However, you may not resell the images or license them for 3rd party commercial use.)

Clients pay the session fee and books ahead of time, we mark your due date on our calendar and save space for you in the weeks prior and after your due date. Once your little one arrives you call and set up your session. If your little one is already here please call or email we can most likely squeeze you in!

Pre-booking confirms the time around your estimated due date. Estimates are just that, so we stay flexible with scheduling and take care not to overbook any one month. Once your baby arrives notify the studio and to schedule your session. If your baby is more than 3 weeks early they will likely need to spend time in the NICU growing a bit. If this happens please notify us and we will schedule your session once your little one is healthy enough and ready for photos.

Yes! Older siblings are invited and encouraged to participate as much as possible. There are several poses that work well with sibling/newborn sets and are used depending on the age and cooperation level of the sibling.

Yes! Every client is encouraged to take at least one family photo during their newborn session.

Absolutely, for most people their dog is their first baby We love capturing doggies with new babies and have a few tricks to get the perfect shot with your furry friend.

Yes, if you wish them to pop into a few photos this is always an option.

Clients sometimes think that having a photographer come to their home will be more convenient because they can then avoid going out with a newborn. While Emily will travel for a session if clients require, it is highly discourage it for many reasons, primarily temperature. One of the secrets to newborn photography is keeping babies very very warm (and full). For newborn sessions the studio temperature is set at 85*. The studio is a little over 350 SQF so this is not as challenging as bringing a home heated with forced air up to that temperature. The warm room ensures that your baby will be comfortable and relaxed while minimally clothed. This is how Emily is able to achieve so many beautiful sleeping images of babies. Lighting equipment, backdrops and props also take up significant floor space. When working in a client’s home Emily typically needs to rearrange the furniture to make space (don’t worry she always put everything back to how it was when the session is finished). Having their home invaded and their furniture moved around always seems very stressful for new parents. There is something about the nesting instinct that is so strong that it puts new parents (and their other children) on edge when Emily comes in and messes with their nest right after they have had a baby. Having a photographer come to your home is very invasive and we find most clients are much more comfortable coming to the studio.  If you are still certain that an in home session would be better for you please let us know and we can discuss

Homeopathic chamomile and liquid melatonin… totally kidding! The secret is a very well fed baby and a very warm room. Emily keeps the studio at about 80* during the session. Emily is also a professional baby whisperer.

Yes, please let Emily know when you book your session and bring it to your newborn session

Yes! Emily has a massive collection of props, blankets, and newborn hats that she uses during her sessions. If you wish to bring something of your own to the session you are more than welcome but do not feel obligated.

All announcements are custom designs and Emily has a bunch of physical examples in the studio for clients to look through.

This is a question typically asked during/after the session when a client sees Emily swaddle a baby. Like most things it becomes second nature after you have done it a million times. Emily does have some tips for new parents and created a video to demo her technique which we will happily send to you on request.

We recommend 32-36 weeks gestation but anytime after 32 weeks is appropriate.

Yes, in the warmer drier months of the year Emily does on location maternity sessions at the beach or local parks. If this is your preference please state so when booking.

I have many many dresses so you don’t need to bring anything if you don’t want to

Not at the studio, but I do recommend Swink blow out bar at U-Village. They will do both hair and makeup for you

If  you don’t find the answer to your question here please contact us through contact form or call us directly at 206-351-0612